Getting started

It’s done!

The Rafale Bra is a fact! It took ages to get everything organised. At least, that’s how it looked to me.

Creating and designing this versatile and non-traditional bra was done during a holiday with my family in de Vosges in France. It was on one of the evenings that I came up with the Rafale bra design.

It was not my first intention to make it a PDF pattern and offer it for sale to sewista’s like you. The kind ladies at the facebook bra forum (Bra Makers – Beginners trough Intermediate) asked where they could buy this pattern. So I thought: ” Why not? I have all this pattern drafting experience I use in my job, why not create PDF patterns for people who love to sew?”

The name for this all mesh, graphic bra was suggested by Kristof, my brother-in-law. Rafale is a French plane. I liked the name and look of this modern, fast and elegant plane, so I used it to name my very first design.

I hope you enjoy making this bra as much as I did.



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