Adding a wider strap to Rafale bra

If a small strap is not what you prefer, you can easily alter that before you start cutting.

You can download the PDF here .

You can find a PDF reader via this link .

This a LAYERED pdf, print the size you need . More about printing a layered PDF can be found here.

Place your Full Cup on the page as shown in the picture. The point of the cup should fit in the triangle area at the bottem of the strap. Glue in place.

Cut out the whole piece and the strap end

Pin the strap end in place using the diamond shape to align the pieces correctly.

Check the strap on your body. It can be adjusted to be more straight if needed.

Check the length of the strap and shorten or lengthen if needed in the straight part of the back strap. Glue or tape the pieces together Make a tester or mock up if you want to be really sure

Take out some pieces if you need the strap to be more straight

In step 15, sew from one inner strap end to the other.

Step 16 : Make only the slider part of the strap.

In step 17, sew all the way to the outer strap end. Attach the ring at the end of your finished strap. Attach the slider part to the ring.

Continue with step 19.

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