Making a perfect fitting bra.

Not easy for some of us. If you have that ‘perfect’ teardrop shaped breast, you probably have few issues finding a bra.

But if you have a different breast shape, the fit issue is real.

Liesje: “After breastfeeding for a year, I experienced fit issues. My breast size increased and decreased after a pregnancy and a year of breastfeeding. Old bras no longer fitted and a bra was not much fun to wear. Being a patternmaker with a little bit of experience (/s), I decided to start making my own bras. My enthusiasm grew, the idea of making and selling patterns  came to life.”

At age 12, Liesje already knew that she wanted to to ‘something with clothes’. And yes, she did dress up her dolls but also cut off their hair and altered their body shape.

Life does not always lead you on the ‘right’ path, so Liesje didn’t study fashion or anything related. Instead, she tried al lot of things, like assistant director for movies, sculptural design and ended up having a diploma in family sciences.

Somewhere along the road she learned how to sew and took a few courses in pattern making. Liesje loved pattern making but it was really hard to find a job as a pattern drafter. But designers did found me and she started drawing patterns after work.

Liesje wants to share her passion with you by making patterns you can use to make your own best fitting lingerie. Check out the shop for high quality materials and contemporary PDF patterns to make your own beautiful lingerie.


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