Finding a perfect fitting bra.

Not easy for some of us. If you have that ‘perfect’ teardrop shaped breast, you probably have few issues finding a bra.

But if you have a different breast shape, the fit issue is real.

Liesje: “After breastfeeding for a year, I experienced fit issues. My breast size increased and decreased after a pregnancy and a year of breastfeeding. Old bras no longer fitted and a bra was not much fun to wear.”

” Being a patternmaker, I decided to start making my own bras. My enthusiasm grew, the idea of making and selling patterns to make your own bra came to life.

‘Little’ sister Tinne joined Hari Ito Lingerie shortly before the lauch.

“I always wanted to run a shop and now my sister starts one! ” Tinne was easily convinced to join this adventure.

Both sisters are still learning how to run a business.

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